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It takes more than just trees... 

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For us, environmental protection and sustainable development go hand in hand

It is not enough to simply plant a tree. Together with communities in East Indonesia, we at More than a Tree are developing an approach to enable synergies between environmental protection and sustainable economic development.

For us, a solution lies in Eco Communities, which are self-determined communities that actively and sustainably protect the environment and can thus take their own development into their own hands.


Learn more about our projects


Eco Project Wane

Holistic approach to implementing programmes for sustainable agriculture, reforestation and nature conservation as well as ecological education.


Trees for Water

Afforestation for erosion control and improvement of the natural water cycle, as well as sustainable sources of income for the community.

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Harmoni Alam

Afforestation of agroforestry systems as an alternative to destructive land use such as slash-and-burn agriculture, monoculture cultivation or illegal mining activities.


Community Garden 

Together with Kita Berperan we are creating a permaculture garden to bring children closer to nature and environmental cycles.

What drives us?
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