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Our Approach

Together with village communities, local organisations and initiatives, we develop a holistic approach that enables synergies between environmental protection and sustainable development. Our projects are based on the creation of sustainable buffer zones consisting of secondary forests, food forests and permaculture farms. This leads to stable ecosystems that provide water balance stabilisation and biodiversity, as well as a sustainable income for the local population. 


Ideally, these zones are linked together to create the best synergies in this microclimate. However, these zones can also be distributed in a mosaic fashion, so that the most suitable use can be found for each area. The aim, besides nature conservation, is to create a sustainable income for the local population. Ecological education is an essential part of our approach, as it helps to develop a deeper understanding of the links between human actions and the impact on the environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create self-managed eco communities that enable collaborative solutions. We use ecologically sustainable agroforestry, agriculture and permaculture methods to create synergies between environmental protection and socio-economic development.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create sustainable systems where communities can thrive in self-determination and harmony with nature, while protecting and restoring valuable natural ecosystems.



Environmental Protection

Our approach involves the reforestation of secondary forests. These are essential for a stable ecosystem and habitat for high biodiversity. We are also working with local governments to designate protected areas.


Sustainable Development

Based on alternative agricultural systems such as agroforestry and sustainable agriculture based on permaculture, we work together with local communities to develop constructive exit concepts from destructive agricultural methods such as slash-and-burn farming and monocultures.



For us, education is the key to sustainable nature conservation. In our approach, it is the link between nature conservation and sustainable economic development.

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