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With our programmes, we take an approach that primarily involves the local people. With your donation, you are not only supporting the planting of trees, but also a programme that is designed to have a direct impact on people's development and become self-sustaining in itself.

By working with local communities and farmers, we create jobs and promote sustainable agriculture that improves the soil and increases biodiversity. Our education and training programmes help people gain skills and knowledge that will help them provide for their families and communities in the long term.

Your donation helps ensure that our work can continue and that we can reach even more people. With every amount donated, we can plant more trees, create livelihoods and protect the environment. Help us create a sustainable future for us all!

Bank Details: 

More than a Tree gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)

IBAN DE97430609671300315500


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Our Annual Reports 

At More than a Tree, we are passionate about protecting the environment and empowering those who can actively restore damaged ecosystems. Since our founding in 2021, we have engaged in a variety of activities to empower communities. Want to learn more about our projects? Here you can find our annual reports. Join us and help us change the lives of many people! Please note, that the annual reports are only available in german language at the moment. 

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