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The lungs of the earth


The Tropical Rainforests

Although the urgency of preserving the tropical rainforests has been known to us people for a long time, the destruction does not stop. The reason is that most people, especially in the western world, live far beyond their means and fuel the environmental destruction with their insatiable consumption. We will not be able to change the system so quickly, but there are ways to enable economic development in harmony with nature. That is what our programmes aim at.


The tropical rainforests in regions such as the Amazon, the Congo Basin and Southeast Asia play a crucial role in global climate and environmental protection. There are several reasons why it is worthwhile to work to protect these forests. For one, they are important carbon sinks that absorb and store large amounts of carbon dioxide. This can help to slow down global warming.


In addition, the forests of Southeast Asia are home to a variety of animal and plant species, many of which are endemic. Habitat loss in Southeast Asia threatens biodiversity and can affect the global ecosystem and food production. Therefore, the conservation and sustainable use of these forests is crucial to protect the global ecosystem and the livelihoods of humans and animals.


Furthermore, the tropical regions have a significant impact on the atmosphere and influence the weather and climate around the world. The tropics are also the source of many rivers and water cycles around the world. The loss of forests in Southeast Asia can lead to droughts and water shortages, which in turn can affect global food production.


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