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Community Garden

Together with Kita Berperan we are creating a permaculture garden to bring children closer to nature and environmental cycles.

Our community garden project in Bima is run by an initiative of teachers committed to education, nature connection and sex education. The garden is based on permaculture structures and aims to bring children closer to nature by creating plant beds, sowing and harvesting plants together. The children learn about ecological cycles, admire the complexity of nature and feel more connected to it again. Through this interactive educational program, the younger generations build on the traditional knowledge of their ancestors, e.g. about different crops. We at More than a Tree support this project financially and offer expertise and advice on permaculture structures. We are proud to be part of this wonderful project and look forward to working together, to contribute to a more sustainable future with teachers and children.



1 Are

Moringa (M. Oleifera), Cassava, Aubergine, Chili, Kang Kung (Waterspinage), Papaya


Kota Bima, Kabupaten Bima, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia

With your donation we can create more permaculture structures in this garden and ensure that the community garden becomes a place of learning for the children.

Project Gallery

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